"You were the gawky one," he corrected, "Lee was the reckless one, Zu was the cute one, and I was the wise one." 


AND WE’RE FINALLY HOME: an anna/lola/isla fanmix | (listen)

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*looks at straight couple* so which one of you is the YA protagonist and which is the romantic subplot?


I’m ready for my own adventure. *thoroughly searches for Frank Porter*

Morgan called this the SYBG starter kit. ♥

“My mom’s told me, ever since I was born, that if I kiss my true love, he’ll die.”

Gansey laughed.

Don’t laugh, you—” Blue was going to say bastard but it felt too strong and she lost the nerve.

“Well, it’s just a very precautionary-sounding sort of thing, isn’t it? Don’t date or you’ll go blind. Kiss your true love and he bites it.”

“It’s not just her!” Blue protested. “Every psychic or medium I’ve ever met tells me the same thing. Besides, my mom’s not like that. She wouldn’t just play around with something like that. It’s not pretend.”

“Sorry,” Gansey said, realizing she was genuinely annoyed with him. “I was being a dick again. Do you know how he’s supposed to die, this unlucky guy?”

Blue shrugged.

“Ah. Devil’s in the details, I guess. So you just kiss nobody, in a precautionary way?” He watched her nod. “That seems grim, Jane. I won’t lie.”

Giveaway: Simon Snow & Baz Pitch plushes



(Who are these young magicians? Simon Snow and Tyrannus Basilton “Baz” Pitch, from the fictional (for now) book series within Fangirl, a novel by Rainbow Rowell.)

It is time! Want to win this pair of Simon and Baz handmade plush toys? They are made of fleece, felt,…

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Have you ever looked at a writing desk and thought “That’s so raven”?

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I loved Fangirl. What is this awesome news?


Oh my God — I WISH.


Anna, Lola and Isla’s characters: Isla Martin

Spaces. Breaks. […] To figure out what’s important.

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